Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abandon ship!

With Arlen Specter abandoning the Republican Ship of Fools to become a Democrat, it made me wonder if they'll finally get the message. At the last election, people flooded the polls to get the Washington, D.C. insiders to pay attention to what we want. We want an honest government that does the job it was elected to do. Now, I'm not so sure that Mr Specter heard that mandate either. I read part of his statement that said he would still not vote for the Employee Free Choice Act even as a Democrat. If that is true, then I would have to question the motive behind his switching political parties. I can definitely respect his not wanting to be considered a Republican since they are about one level above a man-eating snake. I can't even imagine having to be in the same political party as Rush Limbaugh, or some of their other leading politicians and pundits. On the other hand, I also can't imagine being a Democrat and not believing that the Employee Free Choice Act should be passed into law. The hard working men and women who have built this country have been getting shafted by both political parties for a long, long time. Getting this Act passed would help make up for some of the losses they have taken in the workplace and the pocketbook. Please, Mr. Specter, say it out loud, repeat after me, the American working class deserve more than they have been getting. They deserve not only praise, but also a living wage, so that they can raise their families and live well. As a newly minted Democrat, I will be proud to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act as a first step toward righting the wrongs done to the American worker by corporations and their own government. If you can't do that, Mr. Specter, then you're just another Republican in Democrat's clothing. We've seen how well that's been working! Stand up for the working people, let them choose to unionize or not, that is their right. Just in case you are having trouble making up your mind, remember, you work for us, we don't work for you!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is marriage obsolete?

Every where I turn for information lately, the focus seems to be on marriage. Should it be for one man and one woman? Should gay and lesbians be able to marry? Should the government tax married people differently than single people? Does organized religion have the right to say who should marry? The list goes on. My question and observation on this subject is; Is marriage obsolete? Now, I have been married more than once, and believe me, marriage is no panacea for happiness. Nor should marriage be forced on anyone. I truly believe that anyone who wants to marry another person, regardless of being gay, straight, ethnic background, social status, religious affiliation, whatever, should be able to so legally. I don't believe that anyone has the authority to deny a person this right. Not government nor religion. On the other hand, if two people wish to cohabit without a formal marriage contract, they should have the same rights afforded to married people under the law. Among them (rights) would be the right of hospital visitation, right to own property together, right to help make medical decisions, right to help make financial decisions, and most importantly the right to love anyone who also loves you. Governments and organized religions should not have any say in it. If we let them, they will control our lives from the cradle to the grave. In the old days, if you had a child outside of the marriage contract, society labeled them "bastards", these poor little babies had no protection from the nasty whims of society. Nowadays, I don't think society views them in the same way, we have progressed to the point that they are viewed as being babies, no label required. Most of the labeling of people comes either from the government or from organized religion so that they can be controlled. Even the census bureau labels people's ethnic background so they can know how many of "them" there are. I think that in the very near future most of these labels like married, unmarried, religious, unreligious, Democrat, Republican, white, black, etc. will be relegated to the obsolescence dustbin. That's because we are all people, more the same than different, and we all have the same rights. That includes the right to be who we are, not who "they" think we should be. When that finally happens, the world will be a better place for all living beings, no matter who they are!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do politicians have souls?

Over the years, as I follow the machinations of politicians, I have formed the belief that the vast majority of them have one distinct difference from the rest of humankind; they have no hearts. How else can you explain their unremitting devotion to wars that never end, their utter lack of interest in the lives of their constituents who are trapped in poverty, their disregard for the needs of children who require nourishment of both body and mind? There are many more problems that plague the common folks that require the politician's interest to be solved. However, they seem to only be interested in their own well being, and the next election. Their most common way of dealing with any situation seems to be, what's in it for me? They may have biological hearts which beat in their chests, but they no longer have any emotional heart for anyone but themselves. They believe that they are all powerful, their lives the only important ones. Now, that explains why they have no hearts, at least in my opinion.

My next question is even sadder. Do politicians even have a soul? The reason I ask that, is because it seems that to be a politician in today's world you not only have to be heartless, but hate anyone who doesn't believe, or live, or vote exactly the way you do. I can't remember a time in politics quite like this one. Forget working across party lines, forget equality between the religions, forget equaliity of the sexes, forget the definition of equality completely! Although the Republican politicians seem to be more like this than the Democratic or Independent politicians, there are way to many politicians who hate everything and anyone not exactly their own carbon copy image. If you dare to not fit their image of what you should be, they hate you. If you are non-white, they hate you. If you are gay or lesbian or transgendered, they hate you. If you voted for Obama, they hate you. If you are poor, or old, or not drop dead gorgeous, they hate you. With that much soul killing hatred in an individual, it makes you wonder if they even hate themselves? I would be willing to bet they do. Maybe there is room in our country for a new political party. One with a soul (and a heart). How about a Tolerance and Inclusiveness Party, or the You, Me and Us Party, or even better yet, the Party Party. Anything would be better than what we have now, maybe we could even get along with each other for a change and become friends and exchange opinions! What a party that would be!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing in particular, just a note to myself!

I thought it was about time to post something to Old Woman Waits...For No One, blog #2. I almost forgot this one was here, because I go to the other one first, and being of an elderly persuasion, never take the time to write on this one. That situation is about to change! I will be posting here periodically, not daily, so the titles will not be days of the week, but whatever strikes my fancy. Believe me when I say this, I never know what my fancy will be! Sometimes a thought about the world in general, other times about nothing in particular. I may even stretch my imagination and make up things, or post something I find funny, or sad, or disgusting, or just plain interesting, you get the drift. So just think positive like I try to do and together we'll see where the ideas come from for this blog. Nothing too regimented, to be sure!