Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do politicians have souls?

Over the years, as I follow the machinations of politicians, I have formed the belief that the vast majority of them have one distinct difference from the rest of humankind; they have no hearts. How else can you explain their unremitting devotion to wars that never end, their utter lack of interest in the lives of their constituents who are trapped in poverty, their disregard for the needs of children who require nourishment of both body and mind? There are many more problems that plague the common folks that require the politician's interest to be solved. However, they seem to only be interested in their own well being, and the next election. Their most common way of dealing with any situation seems to be, what's in it for me? They may have biological hearts which beat in their chests, but they no longer have any emotional heart for anyone but themselves. They believe that they are all powerful, their lives the only important ones. Now, that explains why they have no hearts, at least in my opinion.

My next question is even sadder. Do politicians even have a soul? The reason I ask that, is because it seems that to be a politician in today's world you not only have to be heartless, but hate anyone who doesn't believe, or live, or vote exactly the way you do. I can't remember a time in politics quite like this one. Forget working across party lines, forget equality between the religions, forget equaliity of the sexes, forget the definition of equality completely! Although the Republican politicians seem to be more like this than the Democratic or Independent politicians, there are way to many politicians who hate everything and anyone not exactly their own carbon copy image. If you dare to not fit their image of what you should be, they hate you. If you are non-white, they hate you. If you are gay or lesbian or transgendered, they hate you. If you voted for Obama, they hate you. If you are poor, or old, or not drop dead gorgeous, they hate you. With that much soul killing hatred in an individual, it makes you wonder if they even hate themselves? I would be willing to bet they do. Maybe there is room in our country for a new political party. One with a soul (and a heart). How about a Tolerance and Inclusiveness Party, or the You, Me and Us Party, or even better yet, the Party Party. Anything would be better than what we have now, maybe we could even get along with each other for a change and become friends and exchange opinions! What a party that would be!

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