Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is marriage obsolete?

Every where I turn for information lately, the focus seems to be on marriage. Should it be for one man and one woman? Should gay and lesbians be able to marry? Should the government tax married people differently than single people? Does organized religion have the right to say who should marry? The list goes on. My question and observation on this subject is; Is marriage obsolete? Now, I have been married more than once, and believe me, marriage is no panacea for happiness. Nor should marriage be forced on anyone. I truly believe that anyone who wants to marry another person, regardless of being gay, straight, ethnic background, social status, religious affiliation, whatever, should be able to so legally. I don't believe that anyone has the authority to deny a person this right. Not government nor religion. On the other hand, if two people wish to cohabit without a formal marriage contract, they should have the same rights afforded to married people under the law. Among them (rights) would be the right of hospital visitation, right to own property together, right to help make medical decisions, right to help make financial decisions, and most importantly the right to love anyone who also loves you. Governments and organized religions should not have any say in it. If we let them, they will control our lives from the cradle to the grave. In the old days, if you had a child outside of the marriage contract, society labeled them "bastards", these poor little babies had no protection from the nasty whims of society. Nowadays, I don't think society views them in the same way, we have progressed to the point that they are viewed as being babies, no label required. Most of the labeling of people comes either from the government or from organized religion so that they can be controlled. Even the census bureau labels people's ethnic background so they can know how many of "them" there are. I think that in the very near future most of these labels like married, unmarried, religious, unreligious, Democrat, Republican, white, black, etc. will be relegated to the obsolescence dustbin. That's because we are all people, more the same than different, and we all have the same rights. That includes the right to be who we are, not who "they" think we should be. When that finally happens, the world will be a better place for all living beings, no matter who they are!

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