Sunday, May 3, 2009

The 60 Minutes Blues

I started to watch 60 Minutes on CBS a few minutes ago and watched a portion where they were exploring the program instituted by the Saudi Arabian government where "enemy combatants" captured by the U.S. and held at Guantanamo are reintegrated into society when released by the U.S. They have an intensive program based on anger management, art therapy, health treatment, financial help and a residential program to help these men, many of whom have been tortured by the U.S. while incarcerated. Apparently they have been very successful with this program and many are returned to society. Those who are not rehabilitated are kept in Saudi prisons. I was impressed with the presentation of information by various Saudi officials who work with these men. What I was not impressed by (actually pissed off by) was the way the 60 Minutes reporter posed his questions and observations. I was so distracted by his superior attitude toward those he was questioning, I didn't catch his name. Have you ever noticed how those people who think that they're better than everybody else, talk to someone to whom they feel superior? This reporter just reeked of the Exceptional American attitude. Each person he spoke to as if they were either stupid or beneath his obviously American contempt. Except when he spoke to another American who was on the program. Only then did he speak normally. As I watched, I couldn't believe the unmitigated gall this reporter showed in his questioning of a Saudi. Not just one, but every Saudi he spoke to. It's no mystery to me that Americans are thought of as arrogant by the rest of the world. All you have to see to understand this is an interview by a 60 minutes reporter making an ass of himself by disrespecting his interviewee and his national and international audience, who he obviously looked down on. It's no wonder that TV viewership is down, if this is what even 60 minutes has come down to. We need to treat everyone with respect if we want to be respected ourselves. There was a total lack of respect shown by this reporter, both to his subjects and his viewers. I will not watch 60 Minutes again. Well, maybe Andy Rooney, but not the rest of it. What an ass.

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