Friday, May 22, 2009

Seeing Cheney on TV Daily Constitutes Torture

What happened to make Dick Cheney think that he needed to appear on TV every frigging day? I have to admit, having him out and around the pundit circus has its advantages. He is not in Wyoming polluting the air with his ridiculous lies, but his face is everywhere. I could have gone to my grave a happy woman if I had never seen his face, or heard his voice again. Instead, it's as if the old neocon bastard is a fly on a cow pattie, thriving on the smell that his administration has left on our country. He has no shame.
Basically, I think he should be barred from ever appearing in public again. Having his sneering lopsided face popping up all over the place is surely a form of torture. There would be at least one time that I would gladly tune in to watch him; if he was being dragged away in chains to pay for the crimes he committed in the name of and against the American people. I'd even pay the cable premium pay-to -view for that! Until that happens (and I hope it does) shut off the TV, call the networks to complain about the ongoing torture of having his face and voice in the public domain, and call everyone you know to boycott any news program who invites him to appear. While you're at it, why not start a petition to prevent him from returning to Wyoming? Let's give him to Texas, that's more his style anyway. I'd be thrilled to sign it! Hell, if I see his bilious face one more time, I may even start the petition myself. No more torture by Dick, Dick go away!

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