Monday, June 1, 2009

Linguistic Suicide

As usual, the Republican Party has diarrhea of the mouth. As if they haven't pissed of everyone above the age of reason already, they just can't stop themselves from making it worse. If they weren't so awe -inspiringly incompetent, it would be sad to watch them stick their feet into their mouths. As a political party who espouse pro-life and strong moral values, they seem hell bent on a mission to destroy what's left of their own brotherhood, in a flurry of suicidal rhetoric.
Just since the last election, they've managed to alienate just about every constituency whose vote they need. They just can't seem to stop spewing bigotry, misogyny, race-baiting, narrow-minded linguistics, much in the same manner as their hero Dick Cheney's shotgun scattered shot, but with less accuracy. If there were a Doctor Kevorkian who put political parties out of their misery, he couldn't do a better job than they are doing themselves. Do they even have a clue? They are becoming a laughing stock caught up in their own bitterness and stupidity. I can't help but hope that they continue their insane diatribes until every last one of them are defeated in the next election cycle. It's what they deserve, political death, by their own hand. Or should I say mouth?
And they're not the only ones. The Democratic Party is squandering an immense opportunity to lead the country out of the dismal mess we are in. They too, are so caught up in their own egos, that they have forgotten who they work for. It's supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people, but instead they have changed it to screw the people, the corporations are the ones who are lining our pockets. I have been so disgusted with their performance on the issue of health care. Except for Ted Kennedy, who truly wants a single payer government health care option, they are too busy making sure they get re-elected and taking money from insurance companies to care about whether the common citizen has healthcare at all. They didn't have any trouble voting for billions more for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, don't tell me that killing more poor people in other countries is more important than keeping our citizens here healthy! Get your priorities straight, people, we need to start taking care of our own citizens, and spend money on things that help them, not harm others. Think how much better life would be for all of us if our politicians would work for us not against us! Call your Representive or Senator and tell them that we won't accept anything less.

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