Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Losing Hope for Change

When the last election turned out to be a huge landslide victory for Barack Obama, a Democrat, I was filled with hope that he would be an agent for change in our battered and bloody America. It was what he campaigned on, which was why I voted for him. He promised to bring an end to the war in Iraq and change the way way our government governs. He championed the underdog and cautioned the corporations, and the moneyed class, that ALL people deserved decent treatment and the right to earn a decent living. He spoke of the citizens working together and creating a better world, a world where every citizen counted. He told the uninsured that he would work to see that all would be able to have healthcare, without discrimination. He spoke of backing the Employees Free Choice Act to ensure that anyone who wanted to could have a union. He assured our diverse citizenry that there would be no discrimination by government on the basis of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation or poor versus rich. On the night of his inauguration, we watched along with millions of other Americans, with tears of joy as he was sworn in to lead our country out of the mess we have gotten into. For the first time in a long while, I was hopeful that change would indeed happen.
I am now, five months later, becoming more than a litle alarmed that a lot of those promises are either getting amended or blatantly broken. The Democrats in the House and the Senate seem to have forgotten that they work for the American public. President Obama seems more interested in placating the Republican Right Wing than in working for the people who elected him. I'm only going to say this once. The Democrats won the Presidential election by a large majority. So why are we being governed as if we were the minority? The vocal representatives of the Republican party, who are a very small minority, are being treated by the media, the press, and yes, our elected officials as if they are super-important. The voters be damned. I have signed petition after petition online, called representatives and senators, written letters to them, and I have yet to feel like any one of them heard what I was saying. I'm not saying that I think voting for President Obama was a mistake, I'm just saying that he and his administration should do a little more listening to their constituents. Some of his actions I am applauding, but I am also aware that saying you are going to close Guantanamo does not make it so. Actions have to follow the speeches to make the deed complete.
I'm watching everything that is happening in D.C. very closely, and the speeches far outweigh the done deeds. At this point, my hope for change is feeling like it has been badly bent, if not completely broken. I'll keep watching and listening to see or hear some sign that our politicians are listening to the public, but I'm not holding my breath. Hope dies hard.


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