Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am I surprised? Not even!

I have started to do this post at least three times in the last week, but each time I get ready to start, an almost overwhelming angry urge tells me to calm down and wait a couple of days and see if the situation changes. I am, after all, an eternal optimist, who believes that people can and do occasionally change. Now, after procrastinating long enough, I have to acknowlege the fact that the elected Republican Party minority have changed. They've gotten even worse. They are totally out of touch with the health care dilemma that ordinary citizens are faced with. And, why not? We ordinary citizens have provided them with the best health care for them that our taxpayer money can buy. Then they stab us in the back. Once again, they have proved that they feel no responsibility to their constituents.
Do I think that the elected Democratic Party majority is any better? Not one little bit! Sure we have a few good people who actually seem to understand what the guy or gal on the street are going through, but they are overshadowed by the ones who are more interested in re-election and lining their own pockets with 30 pieces of silver to betray their constituents in favor of the insurance companies. They can call themselves Blue-Dog Democrats or whatever they want. They are outdoing Judas in the betrayal business. President Obama is being so careful not to alienate any of them, he too has become ineffective. I never thought of him as meek during the election campaign, but each time I hear of yet another conciliatory statement made so as not to offend anyone, I think meek, which rhymes with weak. He needs to put on his mean face and tell all the sorry SOB's that the public has had enough! Nearly 80 percent of the citizens polled want a public healthcare option, so what is he afraid of? Most of the D.C. elites will never like him anyway, for sure the insurance companies are not going to name him "man of the year". The common citizens are the ones who elected him, and if they can't count on him to stand up for public healthcare option, then why would they ever vote for him again? I have signed petitions until I'm blue in the face. My Wyoming representative and the two Wyoming senators are all happy about following the Republican Party line and one of them is a doctor! Who in the hell do they think they're fooling? They couldn't care less about you and your healthcare. They've got theirs, thanks to us.
Politicians are a useless lot. Am I being cynical? Yes, a little. Am I surprised? Not even one little bit. Until the citizens take away the healthcare privileges of those who are supposed to serve us, NOTHING is what we'll get from them. They have it too good! Why would they want to upset their own benefactors? They wouldn't, and they won't. So much for being an eternal optimist, I'm finished.

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