Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence or Imperialism?

Today we celebrate our country's Declation of Independence from the British Empire. I got a form email from President Obama wishing for me a joyous celebration of our independence day, along with a few sentences of gratitude to our military personnel who are protecting us around the world and our founding fathers for the Constitution they wrote declaring all people to be equal. Fine words.
It would be nice if our poor military people could be protecting us at home. Instead, they are stationed on bases in almost every country in the world, enforcing the imperial reach of the United States, fighting wars in two separate countries, and cross border attacks in a third country. The military are essentially protecting the rights of corporations in our country to interfere in other countries for their own benefit. Believe me when I tell you that I would never personally want any other mother's son or daughter to die in a foreign country in the name of defending my freedom. If I were attacked, I would rather defend myself, than ask someone else to do it for me.
As for the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution which laughingly declared all men equal. Except for slaves, who were only a percentage of a man, and women, who were to be protected from having the vote because they were the weaker sex and thought of as chattel for many years, someone to take care of men's needs, but not equals. You know how those women are, give them an inch and they'll take a mile!
What a grand notion they had, independence from the Brits. When they declared their independence there was yet another major problem to contend with. The indigenous natives who inhabited the country before the French and the British Empires took it over in turn. The newly minted Americans had to wipe out the original inhabitants of the country. They did this with a lot of relish, and the few that were left alive, had to be put on reservations so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of the white Americans. It was okay to use them and their African brothers as slaves, but not to live in the white American's neighborhoods. To this very day, the descendants of those native tribes are treated as less than first class citizens. What part of equality am I too stupid to understand?
I didn't learn all of this until my later years when I took it upon myself to learn the real history of these United States. It is not a pretty picture. The history books that we were taught with in school as children were mostly fabrications. Fabrications hell, outright lies. The truth is much uglier, and not a lot has changed in America after all these 230 plus years. We still run rough-shod over anyone who doesn't completely agree to let America rule the world. Am I proud to be an American? Not so much. So celebrate with fireworks and fine words. Maybe no one will notice what forked tongues the American Imperialists speak with. If you want the truth about America, you are going to have to find it out for yourself. Fortunately, there are many truthful books out there to read at your public library. That's how I found out the truth about America. The truth does indeed set you free. From illusions about your country and the evils it has perpetrated all over the planet. I must warn you, however, you may have trouble sleeping at night while learning the truth, but you will sleep a lot better once you realize that you can't believe everything you hear from a politician. Then you can celebrate your personal freedom and independence. Start now.

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