Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dumbing down America? Mission Accomplished!

While watching all the falsified brouhaha over the healthcare insurance reform, I suddenly realized that the dumbing down of my country is complete. I have felt for quite some time now, that our public education system was being starved and mishandled deliberately so as to furnish large corporations with workers who could be worked hard and paid little. The large corporations like ignorance in their employees, because it makes them easier to manipulate and frighten. The huge big-box stores have made billions in profits using this model. Keep your associates ignorant, scared to unionize and pay them minimum wages that keep them trapped in poverty.
We have a column in the Daily Rocket-Miner on Saturday that solicits local opinions about current issues. Yesterday the question was, "As a nation, what should we do about healthcare"? Of the 6 individuals questioned thus, 2 gave pretty well thought out answers. The other 4 regurgitated the hard-line corporate and right-wing opposition party line that they borrowed from the television pundits, who are now apparently in control of all public information. That's when I realized that the ignorance of our citizenry was present in a huge majority of people. The know-nothings have finally taken over. To me that means that 66 percent of our local citizens have lost the knack for cognitive thinking! That's scary.
In my less than humble opinion, decent healthcare is a right, not a privilege. By law, we must insure our cars, trucks, and property against loss, but human health doesn't even rate a passing thought. I also firmly believe that if our national government would quit spending billions on killing and maiming people in useless wars, there would be plenty of money to ensure that all citizens recieve healthcare at an honest, affordable cost. A lot of the major diseases that are rampant in our country could be prevented by good nutrition counseling, but unless the symptoms can be treated by yet another expensive prescription drug, government pays no heed. Everytime I see a local citizen pushing a cart out of the grocery store piled high with soda pop and very little else with any nutritive value, I inwardly shake my head and think, there goes another future diabetic!
I think it is time for the 33 percent of us who can still use our cognitive powers to start raising some hell about the current state of healthcare. We make sure our vehicles have the proper fuel so that they run well, but we feed our bodies crap and expect them to run efficiently. I know personally, that when I eat good nutritionally balanced food, I feel better. Except for a quarterly visit to a chiropractor for a tune-up, I can't remember the last time I needed to go to a doctor because I was sick. That's not bad memory, just good nutrition. Take your health into your own hands and eat better. The life you save may be your own! Just a final thought! Thinking, that is, exercising your brain is very much like exercising your muscles. If you don't use it, you lose it! Quit letting those ignorant 66 percent do your thinking for you. Again, the brain you save may be your own.

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