Friday, August 28, 2009

Wyoming Democrat /No Representation!

If you are a Democrat who lives in the state of Wyoming, I'm sure you know what I'm saying. Our state is largely managed by Republicans on the national level. Yes, we are fortunate to have a Democrat as governor, but both senate positions and the one member of the house of representatives are Republicans. Not just with a small r, with a big,boot-wearing R. The boots are for kicking populist,democratic ass!
During the current debate about healthcare insurance reform (the calm, rational one, not the half-crazed people you see on Fox News), I have sent many emails, made phone calls, and generally let these three people know that there are people in Wyoming who are for a government run,single payer healthcare insurance option. Just like Medicare! In fact, huge amounts of taxpayer cash could be saved if they would just expand Medicare to include those who wish to be insured in the plan, and utilizing the structure that is already in place and very successful at getting the job done. No luck, that is too sensible and cost effective!
I have received letters from all three of them, Cynthia Lummis, Mike Enzi and john Barrasso, assuring me that they find my input valuable on this matter and then in the next paragraph (in much nicer words, of course) tell me that no way in hell anything will be done to help the working family get cheaper healthcare as long as they are in office. Let me say that I am a participant in Medicare and am a senior citizen, so there is no conflict of interest on my part. I already have government run, single payer health insurance. My interest in this is not selfish, I would like to see the average working family get a break for a change. They have been paying for these three government officials healthcare out of their tax dollars, and I think they should be afforded equal access to the same healthcare that these three jackasses get.
It would be nice if the health insurance companies would line the pockets of the taxpayers the way they line the pockets of these three politicians with money, but I do try to be realistic about life. Historically, they say Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. I'm pretty sure that Cynthia Lummis, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso got a lot more than that from their contributors, the insurance companies. Betrayal of the working class taxpayers in the state of Wyoming doesn't come cheap. Judas would be proud to know these three! They should be ashamed.

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