Monday, September 7, 2009

Fire it up! Get it going!

I happened to watch Obama's speech to a Labor Day rally today, and was quite amused at the story he told regarding the lady who got him started using the expression, "fire it up!" I have lost so much faith in him of late, that It made me feel a little better to hear him tell that story. The truth be told, he had better reach out in humility and take that lady's advice to heart! During the campaign which resulted in his being elected President of the United States, we citizens "fired it up" and got him elected. Then, it seems, he promptly forgot how he got there. I even went back and looked at some campaign stuff I saved that trumpeted a call for single payer government run health insurance for all who subscribed to it, equality and inclusion for all citizens regardless of gender, monetary worth, government accountability, an end to the Iraq war, etc. As I browsed through the campaign materials, I didn't know if I should laugh or bawl my eyes out. I am not naive enough to believe all the things politicians promise during a campaign, but to realize that we are actually in worse shape as a nation than we were back in November, 2008, was pretty sobering.
We are close to 10 percent unemployment, that equals about 30 Million people without jobs. Wall Street is still being treated like royalty and Main Streeters are being played for suckers. Foreclosures, bankruptcy, lack of health insurance and adequate health care, global climate warming, the service economy, a Congress out of touch with reality, hate spewing pundits, the list goes on, continue to grow without anyone in power even showing a single concern. What is a citizen to think?
Wednesday, Obama is supposed to address a joint session of Congress about health insurance reform. I hope before that day, he revisits the advice that good lady gave him. "Fire it up!" "Get it going!" We citizens are more than a little tired of lackadaisical leadership. We want the man who promised to stand up for us to do just that! If we wanted Republicans to be in charge of things, we would have elected John McCain! We took you at your word and got you elected. Now is the time for you, President Obama, to live up to your billing. "FIRE IT UP!" Don't take no for an answer, get the public option for the American people. We backed you when you needed it, now return the favor. We don't mind sacrificing for the public good, but we want the insurance peddlers to sacrifice too. They have had us at their mercy for too many years. Repeat after me, "Fire it up!" Don't take no for an answer! That's what I hope to hear come Wednesday.

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