Friday, September 11, 2009

Milk of Magnesia for Constipated Party of No

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What I feel compelled to address in this post is the feeling I was left with after watching President Obama address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening. As you know, the address was on healthcare insurance reform. As usual, he was masterful in the art of persuasion through rhetoric. I found myself almost buying into it, call me cynical if you like, but I'm getting a little too wise to his rhetoric anymore to fall for it right off the bat. What was much more instructive to me was watching the expressions on the faces of our illustrious opposition party of no, formerly called Republicans. At first, I thought that they looked like some crazier version of the Stepford Wives, even though most of them are of the male persuasion. As I scanned their faces, My gaze finally fell on the suave, tanned visage of John Boehner. That's when I finally realized what their collective problem was. To a man (with a few females sprinkled in for diversity) every single one of them looks constipated. For you laymen(women), that means that they are full of crap and are unable to take a dump! The only way we can expect them to rejoin the human race and become healthy again is to give each of them a massive dose of milk of magnesia, which will clean them out so that they can feel better. I suggest a full week of this dosage taken daily, because as plugged up as they are, it will take some perseverance to clean them out. A lot of the Democrats look like they could also benefit from this regimen. Namely, Harry Reid and Max Baucus come to mind. You can't possibly look that uptight unless you have a major case of constipation. A few Democrats like the former Republican Joe Lieberman will take at least a two week program of milk of magnesia to clear him out. I'll bet that any uninsured member of the public would be more than happy to send a complimentary bottle of m.o.m. to his or her own elected official, as we can't expect them to pay for their own medicine! Those who won't cooperate by taking the laxative should be fed the medicine by force, if necessary.
Just visualize all of them crapping their guts out and tell me that doesn't make you smile. My state of Wyoming elected Senators, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, and Representative Cynthia Lummis will probably fight the dosage, but since Barrasso is a doctor, he can probably figure out a way to make money out of powdering their poor sore butts after all that elimination. Now, that's what I call public service!
End constipation in Washington, D. C., send your elected official a bottle of milk of magnesia. Then, maybe they will be able to understand what it feels like to be a common citizen barely able to afford toilet paper. Or decent healthcare. Or proper food to eat. Or a decent place to live. All the things that these sorry, constipated assholes never worry about because we citizens take better care of them than we do ourselves. Sounds like a movement to me!

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