Sunday, October 18, 2009

Afghanistan costs American taxpayers $180,000,000 a day!

Yes, that is what we American taxpayers are putting out to run the war in Afghanistan for ONE day. That's five billion, four hundred million a MONTH, sixty-five billion, seven hundred million a YEAR. That does not take into account the war in Iraq, or the costs of having our military at over 800 bases across the world, or for that matter, does not include any costs of our navy, or the cost of our torture camp and prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. It also leaves out what we are paying to Pakistan to fight Al-Queda and the Taliban, and to Israel as military aid so they can antagonise and occupy the Palestinians. It comes no where close to what the Pentagon spends each year, supposedly for our defense.
Now, do you finally understand why American citizens have no public healthcare option other than Medicare? Do you finally understand why the national infrastructure has been neglected for so long? Do you finally understand why there are no plans to put unemployed American citizens back to work? Do you finally understand why our public education system is racing toward not only mediocrity, but also complete failure? Do you finally understand why Wall Street has all the money while main street has none? Do you finally understand why our politicians have no inclination to worry about common everyday people? Do you finally understand that our country has become THE major exporter of military hardware to the world? Unfortunately we have become the kind of country we accuse the rest of the world of being. We export only death and destruction in the name of peace.
My question to you, my fellow taxpayer is this. Are you happy with the way your hard earned tax money is being spent? Would you rather see it spent on something that will benefit people? You know who to call! I would rather my money be spent to help people live healthy, happy lives. I know who to call! Do you think they will listen before we totally collapse as a viable country? Who knows! Let's at least try.

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