Friday, October 9, 2009

What an incentive...the Nobel Peace Prize!

The Nobel Peace Prize pointed out to the world what we Americans should have always known. When they awarded their Peace Prize to our President Barack Obama, they were giving Americans an honor through their president. I know the opposition party doesn't feel that way, they are already spewing their rancid garbage talk all over the place. They haven't realized yet, that not only does the average citizen repudiate their awful rhetoric, but the rest of the world does too. The world community recognizes just what a hopeful, peaceful thing American citizenry did when we voted to elect President Barack Obama. He was, and hopefully will continue to be, the antithesis of what we have been governed by for the past eight years. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has given us just the nudge we need to push our President in the direction of peace and global understanding. We are, after all, citizens of the same planet. We have been given a gift from them to give us the courage to put aside disagreements and work to leave a more peaceful, healthier planet for our grand and great-grand children. Silly us, we thought that all we had to do was vote and everything would magically change. We forgot that our President is only one man, he needs all of us to push not only him, but all the members of Congress, our elected officials towards the goals we want fulfilled! We forgot that the opposition party would muddy the political waters every chance they got, We forgot that the corporations were not going to give up their selfish ways without a whole lot of pushback from the citizenry. We forgot that cable news is not in pursuit of the truth, but rather in ratings and monetary gain. We forgot that to have a better future, we have to invest in the understanding between peoples, not only in our neighborhoods, but also all over the world. We forgot that politicians, even in our own Democratic Party, have gotten lackadaisical about their role in government, paying more attention to lobbyists than their constituents. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the gist of where I'm going here.
People, we have won the Nobel Peace Prize! It's time to pull out all the stops and inform the rest of the world that we are going to mobilize and push our government to stop the wars we are currently engaged in. It's also time to push our government to take care of the people in our own country and quit sticking their noses into every other countrie's business. It's way past time to let the opposition party know that it's time to get with the program or get the hell out of our way. It's time for our government to promote full employment for it's citizens at a decent living wage. It's time to quit making the world a hostile environment and work to make it a better place for all living things. Enough with bombs and military armament, let's push our government to promote something that will help the people live better lives.
Thank you .

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