Sunday, December 13, 2009

Communication Is A Two Way Street

For the last week or so quote from the old movie, Cool Hand Luke has been running through my mind on a daily basis. It is when the prison official tells wonderfully hunky Paul Newman that,"what we have here is a failure to communicate". Yes, I know that calling Paul Newman hunky dates me, but I don't mind at all!
We have 24 hour a day news coverage, movies, television, radio, internet, newpapers, magazines and person to person conversation in our political discourse, but yet we have a failure to communicate. I email my congress people on almost a daily basis, and yet, when I receive a reply from them it is always in a form email, thank you for expressing your opinion yata, yata, yata. You can tell by the reply that a human being has never laid eyes on the email you sent, it was automatically generated. I speak, no one listens. I have written them letters also, by hand, with the same resulting form letter in return. I have phoned them, of course never getting to speak to them in person, and tell the person on the other end of the phone my opinion on healthcare insurance reform for instance, only for them to say, I will let him/her know. After living as a democrat in a republican dominated state, you think I would get used to being ignored, but it always surprises me how little they care about their constituents. These elected officials are getting very good wages and benefits at public expense and still don't hear or care what we common people say. What exactly do we have to do to be heard? I mean really heard! We don't have huge bankrolls to give them like the corporations do, so does that make them deaf or just uncaring?
Take President Obama, for example. Millions of us voted him into office and yet, the only ones he hears are the wealthy. He has got to be aware of what is going on in the economy, the healthcare insurance reform, the mortgage foreclosures, job losses, all being suffered by the quaintly named "middle class", but other than some pretty words, no recognition of their pain. If Goldman Sachs speaks, he jumps, if a poor child dies from lack of medical care which his parents can't afford, he speechifies, then forgets the child ever existed. All talk, no action. You will never convince me that there isn't more he could be doing to threaten and cajole the congress into action that would help the middle class and lower class. Yet, he was able to decide to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan at a cost of one million dollars per man/woman per year with absolutely no qualms. No money for butter, lots of money for war. Let me tell you, President Obama, and members of Congress, I think your priorities just plain suck! Open your eyes and ears before our country implodes. It is just a matter of time before we will be in worse shape than any other 3rd world country. We can't leave our fate in your hands or those of the corporations you pledge allegiance to. Wake up! Pay Attention! Do your job! Listen to the people and do what we need and want you to do. Together we can save ourselves. We're running out of time! Do you hear me now?

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