Monday, December 28, 2009

Liberal? You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Am!

Years ago, there was a charity club called the "Turtles" and if you were a member of it and someone asked if you were a "Turtle" the stock answer was, you bet your sweet ass I am! So I'm proposing the same club-like answer to the question of, are you a liberal? You bet your sweet ass I am!
Back when I began voting in elections, you had two choices, Democrat or Republican. You also had to be 21 years old to register to vote back in 1964, so that's the year I turned 21 and of course I registered as a Democrat. Back then it was pretty easy to tell the difference between the two political parties. If you were a person who cared about the welfare and well being of fellow human beings and the world around you, you registered as a Democrat. If money was more important to you than people, especially the great unwashed masses of working people, you registered as a Republican. It was pretty simple. Not any more!
Now, both political parties have melded into an unrecognizable single entity, the purpose of which is to do anything and everything to take away whatever might be of any use to the common everyday citizen. The people elected to represent us have instead turned into our worst enemies. They are paid a very good wage to do their job, plus all the perks of the job. But that's not enough, they want to be treated like royalty, bribed by their corporate masters and could care less if the people they work for are suffering. We would be better off if they quit pretending they care about us. I also think we would be better off if we let them know how useless they are to us.
I have been a liberal person since my earliest memory of what that means. Even before it became a derisive label. I will probably die a liberal person, because that's who I am. I care about fellow humans. I want them to be healthy, happy and able to live their lives without the government screwing up everything it touches. I no longer match the description of the two political parties. It was they who have forgotten what they stand for. They left me, and you to fend for ourselves. I have proudly gone to the polls and voted at every election since 1964, and I will still continue to vote in local and state elections. However, unless something drastic happens to remind our national elected officials of who they are supposed to be working for, I will never vote in a national election again. I refuse to vote for anyone who doesn't care about anything but their own greed. If I do decide to vote in a national election, it will be a write-in vote, just so they know I didn't just drop off the face of the earth. I am no longer what they call a Democrat, but I am a liberal, secular humanist who thinks that our political system is so broken, it can no longer be fixed. I will not campaign, give money to, or contribute in any way to a corrupt political system.
The next time you hear a politician or pundit say they work for the American people, laugh out loud and repeat after me, am I a liberal? You bet your sweet ass I am! And I own my own soul, too! Unlike all the assholes in Washington, D.C. It's good to feel free.

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