Monday, January 18, 2010

Local News And Local Blues

I have been reading in the Rocket -Miner recently about our state legislators trying to raise the minimum wage in our state. We are currently linked with illustrious states like Georgia as the lowest minimum wage states. It didn't surprise me, because I have always advocated for a living wage, tied to things like housing costs and such, rather thann a minimum allowable wage. Part of what is being discussed is the minimum wage for waitresses/waiters, which is currently $2.15 per hour. Yes, you read that right, $2.15 per hour. Not only are you paying for the food you eat when you dine out, but you are also expected to subsidize the wages employers pay by tipping their employees! Having been a waitress in my younger days, I have always been a good tipper, because I have walked a mile in their shoes. But I rebel at subsidizing greedy employers. What universe do they live in where they expect a person to work for $2.15 per hour?
I also read that the union employees at the Jim Bridger Power Plant voted to accept the new contract the employer offered. I talked to one of them at the store today. He thanked me for my letter to the editor written in support of the union employees, and told me that they hadn't gained much in the contract, but with the way the company was acting, he figured they'd be locked out if they actually went on strike. He said that at this point, in this economic downturn, the employees were scared to lose their livelihood, so they felt they had to accept the contract.
I also talked to another friend, a union carpenter, who was telling me how bad a hit their union pension fund suffered in the Wall Street rip-off of main street workers. Workers, who now may never recover what these crooks stole from them. Millions of dollars, never to be recovered. How do you think he felt? He is only working part of the time, because of the recession, as it is, and then he finds out he may never get the pension he has worked to secure for years!
I wish I had a way to comfort these friends. I came away from these conversations angry as hell for what the elected officials have done to the working people. From the President on down to the lowliest politician, they have sold out working people to secure their own greedy aims. Major corporations and bankers have bought and paid for the demise of the working man. I wonder how theses greedy people can sleep at night knowing to what degree they have wrecked the lives and the livelihoods of so many Americans. It's no wonder that so many ordinary folks are pissed! The greed of those who run our government is so rampant, that you wonder how long before the collapse finally comes. WE HAVE TO GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS BEFORE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS OBSOLETE. It worries me that we already may be to late to save our country. When the last working person dies from neglect because of our politician's greed, we can only hope that some future archeologist digs through the ashes of our lost civilization and warns whoever might be left.

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