Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Militarized America

In this morning's edition of the Rocket-Miner, smack on the front page is a full color picture of a crane rotating an M60 tank at Veteran's Park in East Flat. Apparently, the tank had originally been placed in a "retreat" position. I'm not up on military terms, but I would guess that it was changed to the correct position to attack, instead of retreat. This entailed a crew of 3 men, plus the crane operator, I don't know how many other men were standing around watching, because the picture only showed the four men! Is there some arcane army guide which states how a tank is supposed to be displayed? I mean like the flag and how it's officially meant to be displayed according to some rules of protocol? It must have
been a really important mistake to employ 4 men to correct it!
With all the winter damage to roads and potholes and such that need to be fixed, It must have been a high priority job! I was amazed that in these poor economic times, that they would have the gall to show this blatant waste of taxpayer resources on the front page.
The Defense Department budget for the next fiscal year is about 744 billion dollars. That's 2 billion, 38 million dollars + a DAY for military spending! This in a country where 45,000 citizens a year die from lack of health care, where our duly elected Congress is telling us there just isn't a concensus for passing a health care reform bill that includes a single payer option. No, indeed, they say we must be mandated to buy insurance from the very same insurance companies who have been ripping us off for years. Not to mention their handy contributions to those same lawmakers!
We have to change our priorities. I don't know when the Department of Defense changed it's name from the War Department, but it is very telling when huge amounts of taxpayer money is spent on killing and destruction and munitions, but no money can be found to create jobs, decent health care, food safety, schools or build and repair infrastructure. Bullets yes, butter no! Then they have the balls to wonder why taxpaying citizens are pissed off at them. At this point in the world, I can't think of a single country in the world that would be suicidal enough to attack the U.S. of A., so who are we supposed to be defending ourselves from?
How many more enraged and insane citizens will fly their planes into a government IRS building (who can afford a plane?) before the politicians finally wake up and smell the rotten smell that our government exudes?
I'll bet that 2 billion, 38 million +dollars a DAY would go a long way towards fixing what is amiss in our country, if only the President and Congress would get their heads out of their posterior regions and pay attention to what the people are saying to them! I'm a betting woman, how about you?