Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bless You, Maureen Dowd!

I'm up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, during the past week or so having read a number of articles on the ever growing pedophilia scandal in the Roman Catholic church. One I read today told of Pope Benedict XVI apologizing in a pastoral letter to Irish parishioners. When did it become okay to "apologize" for ruining lives by criminal acts of sexual trauma and abuse?
Just so you know why I feel so deeply about this, I was raised as a Roman Catholic child, 9 of my 12 years of schooling before adulthood were in a parochial school. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for me, the doctrine didn't stick with me, even as a child I didn't buy into organized religion and its form of mind control. I have long considered myself a secular humanist and belong to no church. I believe in being a moral person with a deep faith in my fellow inhabitants on earth, not including any clergy in this group. My younger sister was a victim of one of those Roman Catholic clergy at a young age of about 14, so this is also a personal issue for me!
Before starting this post, I read Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Times for this date. The column was partly about Bart Stupak and his ongoing hissy fit with the abortion language in the healthcare bill. He's a Catholic, you know. Anyway, she also gave an excellent analysis of the way the Pope and the rest of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church are handling this issue of sexual abuse of children. For that analysis I would like to commend and bless her for a job well done. Read her column, it's a good one.
Now, back to "apologizing". The Pope, the Roman Catholic church and any and all of its pederast priests, brothers, etc. should be held accountable for this massive offense against the most innocent of mankind, children. No parishioner should give a penny to the church, every asset of that church including all the wealth of the Vatican should be seized and held in account until every sexual abuse case in the world is prosecuted. Churches should be stripped of their tax exempt status and precluded from permitting and covering up these horrible crimes. Every victim should be compensated for the abuse they suffered. No child should have to fear abuse from a representative of the same church which professes to represent an Almighty Being! I contend that any God represented by these kinds of abusers should at least, at the very least, wipe them off the face of the earth! I believe that would be the best way for God to apologize! The Pope should save his breath, he may need it, if indeed there is a Hell, because, he will surely be one of the future inhabitants there!
Even that would not be apology enough.
Now you know why I am sleepless, I can feel the pain of those poor children betrayed by pedophiles in the name of religion. It also makes me wonder if the Pope and the rest of his abusive minions have any trouble getting to sleep? Justice for those spoilers of children, not apologies.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

If Not Now, When?

Silly me, last November when the voters elected a Democrat as President, and gave both the House and the Senate majorities to the Democrats, I thought that there was a good chance to finally get health insurance coverage for all American citizens. Boy, was I ever wrong! From President Obama down to the newest members of both branches of Congress have made it a point to cater to insurance selling corporations to the detriment of each and every citizen, both insured and uninsured. These are supposed to be smart people we elected, educated people, people of vision. Not so much! They have talked, groveled, preached, argued,lied, and pretty much alienated any sensible voter over the past 14 months. The only deals made regarding health insurance were the ones that lined the pockets of politicos and insurance sellers. The ordinary citizen be damned, we have no voice. Our pockets don't have enough money in them to buy our elected officials interest!
To me, the simplest of solutions would have been to make Medicare available to all citizens, regardless of age, contingent upon monthly premiums just like us retired folks. The next step to opening up health care to all would be to make healthcare a non-profit enterprise. Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to see a doctor without worrying if you are going to bankrupt your budget? Or pay a reasonable price for a prescription medication made without television commercials, and profits and other advertising costs being included in the price of each pill? If we all belonged to Medicare and paid our monthly premiums that would be a very large pool of premium payers, about 300 million subscribers. Multiply 300 million by 2 thousand dollars a year. No insurance companies advertising in the media, just a very large pool of people paying a decent price for access to health care. Add to that, the blessed relief of never again having to watch a television commercial about insurance, wonder drugs (along with their horrible side effects), or Wilford Brimley hawking diabetes supplies every 5 minutes. A person can dream!
All of our politicians want us to vote for them. Why? They don't pay attention to our wants and needs, just their own greed. I wonder what they'd all do, if in 2010 and 2012, the elections were held, but not one single, solitary citizen voted? They haven't heard any of our other messages to them, maybe if they were unemployed they would learn to pay attention. Do I sound cynical? Of course I do. What a bunch of do nothing, greedy, heartless, useless politicos we have on our public payroll. We should fire them all!