Monday, May 31, 2010

BP--Show Me A Plan!

I have been mulling over the human caused catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon killed 11 oil rig workers on April 20, 2010. Each article I've read or show I've seen on television seems to think it was just another "accident". I've been devoting a lot of time to finding out everything there is to find out as to the cause of the explosion, which is still gushing forth millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf. As a break from all the news coverage, I was watching a silly television drama , The Good Wife, the main character is talking to her love interest on the phone while her politician husband beckons to her to join him on stage at a press conference to announce his candidacy for some political plum job. The man she is talking to tells her that he loves her and wants to have her in his life and she tells him, that's just flowery talk, show me the plan! That stuck in my mind and seems very pertinent to the drama unfolding (or gushing) in the case of BP, the federal government and offshore oil drilling. Show me the plan! Obviously, neither the oil company or the federal government had any plan as to what could be done if oil was struck but not contained.
Not a thought was given to the damage to the environment, marine life, human life, nope, who cares about all that, we are making a profit! We have been treated to the finest display of corporate greed and government incompetency possible, and it took a lot to top what has become obvious to anyone with half a brain. Money rules, people are unimportant. If we wipe out the way of life for millions of people who live and work in the Gulf states, who cares, we're rich! Who needs diversity in ocean life and water to live in, it's a big Gulf, we're rich, to hell with fish, and birds and turtles. You get the idea!
No plan, just greed.
After watching one half-assed attempt after another to stop this crude oil, they still have the audacity to call it an accident. I call it mass murder. Who knew that we were so suicidal that we left our fate and the fate of the planet in the incompetent hands of our government and the greedy corporation? People, we are in big trouble! STILL NO PLAN!

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