Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wondrous Wikileaks

I now have a new hero, Julian Assange, spokesman for When Wikileaks published all the military reports regarding the Afghanistan war and the Apache helicopter video from Iraq, it did a wonderful bit of tribute to the truth. Nothing contributes to the education of a country like the cold, unvarnished truth. As Mister Assange said, courage can be contagious, and I certainly believe that. He and his board at Wikileaks have the courage to publish that which has been kept out of the mainstream media for years. They also protect the identities of people who provide them with data, in the true spirit of journalism in the highest form. The newspapers and media outlets have hidden the truth about both these wars and their consequences for so long that unless you journey through the many websites that deal with such matters, you might not even know a dribble of what has really gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only time that our government gets truthful is when their lies are brought out by some enterprising online or print journalist, then they are forced to divulge just a bit of information about it. Even then, it comes out in dribs and drabs, as censored as possible, always dressed up to make the government look good.
I really admire the way that people like Julian Assange of and like Dahr Jamail trust the common citizen to comprehend and evaluate truthful, realistic information. We are so used to being treated like simple, stupid, unthinking and uneducated people by our government, that it is refreshing to be communicated with in an adult manner. I salute them and hope they keep up the good work. Our country is in dire need of a good airing of our dirty linen! The only ones who fear the truth are those who have something to be ashamed of, why else would they fear it so much?
It is so very important that the public support those who have the simple courage to bring the facts to our attention. That's the real stuff of patriotism! Kudos,!

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