Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Angst

I don't know what it is about the month of August, but it seems to last forever! Possibly, it's because after the heat of July and most of August, people are just crankier than hell. Or another possibility, after watching all the doom and gloom on the television news and in the daily newspapers, people feel hopeless and helpless in the face of it all. As usual, the talking heads are whipping up the population to be afraid of so many things, it's almost hard to prioritize what we should fear the most. Here's a partial list of the things that scare us most this August: An Islam Cultural Center being built in New York City near where the World Trade Center stood, for some reason, folks seem to be afraid of being to close to a Muslim culture center even though it's not a mosque, because of 9/11. I wonder why they still let Roman Catholic churches in every neighborhood in America even though their priests have been molesting our children for years, why doesn't that get the same media scrutiny? Here's another, our president is supposed to be Muslim! Call me silly, but even if he were, which he isn't, what difference would it make? There's a separation of church and state, right? I could care less what religion he practices, as long as he does his presidential duties. Here's one close to my heart (and my pocketbook), the Social Security program is being attacked by politicians on both sides of the aisle, who think it's too expensive to take care of older and disabled folks. This, despite the fact that Social Security is self funded by those who draw it. They even have a commission to deal with the federal budget deficit and made an old codger from Wyoming, former Senator Alan Simpson a co-chair of it. The choice of him as co-chair makes me question President Obama's judgement a lot more than any religious choice of his would! Simpson is not only a cantankerous and cranky older man, but also one of the retired senators who draw a six figure retirement from the same government tit that he worries and fumes about paying a mere pittance to Social Security retirees! Note to Simpson, we paid into it, we are entitled to our benefits. How much did you pay in?
The politicians are afraid they won't be re-elected because there are so many people unemployed in the midst of a depression/recession. Not worried enough to do something to help those whose jobs have been sent to other countries, or lost because all the government's (i.e. taxpayers ) money is being spent on wars and banks. They should all be required to spend the hot month of August in some regular person's foreclosed home without the benefit of air conditioning and see if they will develop any understanding of what everyday people's lives have deteriorated to. Nice dream, huh?
I have to confess, it is fantasies like that which keep me from being afraid. Also a firm belief in karma, what goes around comes around! I left a whole bunch of fears out of this post, because the list was just so long! However, I will be covering all of them in good time. Don't miss the one on immigration, it's going to be a doozy! In the mean time, turn off the tv, don't read the newspaper, and don't vote for anyone who tries to scare the hell out of you. Let's give them a taste of their own medicine! It'll scare the hell out of them, turnabout is fair play. Later!