Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Extrapolating On "Worse Than Vietnam"

There was an excellent article in the New York Times this morning by Robert Wright called "Worse Than Vietnam", which compared effects and consequences of both the Afghanistan and Vietnam wars. Hence the title, he said that the war the United States is waging in Afghanistan is worse than the war in Vietnam on all counts.

He said the war in Afghanistan is costing 100 Billion dollars a mathematical brain kicked in and when the math was week is costing $1,923,076, day is costing $274,725,200.00...each and every hour of a 24 hour period is costing $ll,416,666.00! Yes, I said eleven million, four hundred and sixteen thousand, six hundred sixty-six dollars an hour. If that doesn't make you sputter to life and start realizing why our country is too broke to help it's own citizens instead of screwing up Afghanistan, well, I can't imagine what would! This doesn't even take into account the broken lives of our military troops, those young men and women we employ to fight our stupid wars. Nor does it take into account the fact that our own country is going down the tubes because of the policies of our government!

The amount spent on one hour worth of destruction in Afghanistan could surely be put to much better use in your town or mine. Eleven million dollars plus would fill a whole bunch of potholes or feed a lot of unemployed people. However, according to the Republicans,(and some fake Democrats) we must cut the federal government deficit and keep unemployment at record high levels so that the rich can keep their Bush tax cuts! Duh! Most of our elected officials are getting the Bush tax cuts, rich people take care of their own!

Don't you think the time has come for all of us to tell the government that we are sick to death of squandering taxpayer dollars on death and destruction in other countries and start to rebuild our own? Think of what 100 Billion dollars worth of new factories could do here in America, then call and write to your elected officials and tell them enough is enough! War is such a lousy investment...we can do much better than this!

Instead of falling for the day after Thanksgiving Sales pitch, get out there and tell our government that we want our money to be spent on our own population, creating jobs and a decent life for anyone willing to work for it. Much better investment strategy!

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