Sunday, November 14, 2010

Magpies And Hyenas

Have you ever seen one of those nature films where a bunch of wild hyenas are ripping apart some carrion, killed by someone else? Or to put it in vernacular easily understood by us Wyoming natives...a couple of magpies fighting over a tasty bit of roadkill? Well then, welcome to politics in the United States!

Watching the media and reading the newspapers following the mid-term elections has been like being in the middle of one of these feeding frenzies. I must admit though, I admire the manners of the wild beasts and birds much more than those of their human counterparts, the Democrats and least they are just trying to survive!

Both national political parties are out of control...hard to pick which one is the most disgusting. The electorate has been taken for granted by them both, although the Dems at least have a few good things going for them. The Republicans are going to have to come up with some other strategy besides NO if they want to continue in office. In fact, the President should make them state exactly what their plans and ideas are. I'll venture to say that this novel idea will either make or break the stranglehold they now have on anything resembling truth in governing! It's way easy to throw stones if you are in a gravel pit, not so easy on a paved highway or newly constructed school that you voted against.

In one of my posts, not too long after President Obama was elected, I remember telling him that he needed to put on his mean face and show the opposing party who the president was. I'm still waiting...good thing I didn't hold my breath! Joking aside, there have been a few good things coming out of the Obama White House, and there is a lot more that could be done, he just needs to understand that he has to lead the march towards a more progressive country.

Jobs should be the first priority...people don't feel good when they are un or underemployed. When a person has the means to house and feed their family and themselves, then they're happy to become involved in governing. You don't find many politically active people in a soup kitchen, survival is uppermost in their minds!

Have you ever noticed, that when politicians want to balance the federal budget, they never say anything about fighting two wars, or the pay congressmen/women and senators receive? No, it's cut Social Security, or education, or some other program which the general public depend on. It's up to us to help these hyenas and magpies change their priorities. Speak up...write a letter to the president...or to your local paper...protest! If we are not communicating our needs and wants to them, how will they ever know them?

Damn, I miss the 1960's!

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