Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Goodbye 2010 Blues

I really can't wait for 2010 to be over! Ten more days, and it seems like a lifetime away. As a person who has been alive for 67 years, I can't remember ever being as disconcerted by the world of politics as I am now. In a previous post I explained how the national political parties had morphed over the years into unrecognizable monsters...enough to scare anyone out of their wits! Not only are they much different than they were when I was a young woman, but they have both become hardened to the suffering their posturing and faux promises causes the ordinary citizen. I know it has become popular in America to become successful, i.e., rich, but even when they are rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams, it is still not enough for them. It seems that they want to rub our noses in it, as if to say they have it all and we don't deserve any!

Just two years ago, I had hoped to see the Employee's Free Choice Act have a chance to be passed into law. Now, I realize that it'll never happen without the plutocracy's permission. I didn't even want it for myself, as I am retired and thankfully have a pension earned while working through a union to ease my retirement years along with my Social Security. No, I wanted it for all the lower class, who work for employers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot and all the corporations who suck out the life blood of working men and women for a less-than-living-wage! Hell, not only that, but most jobs now have no pension, no benefits and no protection in the workplace from abusive employers. The plutocrats have instigated their workers into even voting against their own personal interests in favor of the rich getting even richer. It's long been my belief that if a person is working 2, 3, or more jobs just to feed a family and keep them sheltered, they have NO time to realize that they have been used and abused by the very people they are employed by! Not accidentally either...the Chamber of Commerce and their ilk promote low wages and miserable living and working conditions on purpose...after all, masters have to have slaves, otherwise how could they be masters? Everything I read and learn about confirms that the ruling class thrives on ruling, they must be superior and the working class MUST be inferior.

Almost everything in the news media reaffirms this! Those people who are receiving unemployment benefits are just being spoiled, if they really wanted to work they'd take a minimum wage job flipping burgers! The children brought into this country as babies when their parents crossed the border looking for a better life are being punished for the "sins" of their parents, even though they have no idea that "The American Dream" doesn't include them! That is, unless they serve in the military and get shot at or killed, then they are useful! Each time I hear a politician say the phrase, The American people want!...it makes me wonder just how they know what we want because they never consider us when they make their laws. Laws to keep us in our places. Under their thumbs. Disconcerting, isn't it?

Homeless, jobless, hopeless...how much more can the lower class, the working class in this country take? I saw a piece in the New York Times about how wonderfully happy all the Wall Street money makers are to spend their bonuses on fun things like jewelry and world vacations. The poor people who work at one of the big box stores need to use food stamps despite being employed 40 hours a week... or the food bank so they can have a decent meal for Christmas. There are a lot of Tiny Tims out there this year...unfortunately, they are outnumbered only by the Scrooges. Unconscionable! Bah! Humbug!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pondering Our Political Pandering

Since I last posted, it seems like all hell has broken out on the political front in the old U. S. of A.! I have to admit, I think Wikileaks has done a masterful job of outing the hypocrisy of our political establishment. Nothing hurts more than the truth. If our government did even half of the good things in the world that they publicly profess to do, it would be a mighty fine country! When all the crap they have caused and/or instigated comes to light, they fall all over themselves blaming the messenger again, as usual. There's not an ounce of common sense or shame for what they have done, no, instead you hear the know nothings repeat the same old national security mantra to try and cover their own asses! I've said it before, and I will say it again...Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, is more patriotic and deserving of recognition than any politician we might have in our country. I don't know who has given him the information that he has dispersed, but if it was Bradley Manning, an American service member, then he (or whoever it was) deserves to be exalted as a visionary! You hear everyday on the news media that we live in a free country, where freedom of speech is a right...then in the next breath they holler because someone actually spoke the truth! Mind you, most of the pundits on the news wouldn't recognize the truth if it reared up and bit them one the ass, but you know what I mean, two faced as can be!

Now, my next thought...if we had wanted to have the Republican Party make all our national decisions for us, wouldn't it have made more sense for us to elect dried out old John McCain as president instead of who we did elect, President Barack Obama? So, you agree with me! The question of the day is whether or not President Obama is strong enough or angry enough to be the leader of the United States? Let me qualify this by saying that he got my vote, mostly because he said he would work for the common good and get out of Iraq and, most important of all, do something about the health care costs, make sure that insurance companies were facilitating good health care for the exorbitant premiums they were charging. Did it happen? Not quite!

We still have lots of military troops in Iraq, even though we are told that it is "winding down". Most of the troops brought home from Iraq were sent to Afghanistan for a "surge" while also assuring us that they would be brought back in 2011, than later, 2014. We got a health care bill, of sorts, without a public option which would have lowered costs dramatically, and while it does some good things, they are not going to all go into effect for several years. Drug costs are going up rather than down, because negotiating was deemed out of the question. Some days I have to pinch myself just to be sure I haven't entered some parallel universe by mistake!

I know that half a loaf is better than none, but when you have to borrow the money for that half a loaf from China, what exactly are you gaining? Our jobs outlook is so dreary that it makes me grateful to be retired, I may not be rich, but I can afford to live and eat. However not all my fellow countrymen/women are so lucky. I will never understand how a country can keep borrowing money for engaging in war when the populace needs to rely on food stamps. Doesn't make a lot of economic sense.

Adding insult to injury, now the President wants to keep the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy in exchange for an additional 13 months of funding for unemployment benefits. I don't pay a lot of taxes these days, my income is pretty low, actually poverty level...but I would rather see all the tax cuts expire at the end of December, than see one more iota of wealth go to the people who selfishly brought us to our knees.

It is my fervent belief that we common folks need to strip all politicians of their pensions, their paid health care, their huge salaries, their franking privileges and make them all work for a minimum wage, just like they expect us to. Oh, and while we're at it, how about they work a full 40 hours a week with no paid vacations and have to punch a time clock to prove that they are actually at work? It's what they want us to do! Politicians....pooey!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thoughts On Censorship, Citizenship And Truth

We American citizens are a weird lot. Daily, plentiful truths about how our government deceives us, betrays us and downright lies to us are out there for us to ponder on, but instead, we just keep on being the faithful sheep waiting for our own slaughter. Are we Democrats or Republicans? Big questions like this seem to confuse the hell out of us!

In the middle of the worst economic times since the Depression, our local big-box store sold about $980,000.00 worth of foreign made goods to local folks on the day after Thanksgiving. What were we thankful for the most? That our country no longer even competes in factory jobs that make tangible goods, or that Wall Street is now even more flush with cash than ever thanks to the taxpayer bailout? A couple of days before Thanksgiving Day, I drove past the local food bank and saw long lines of local people waiting for a food distribution, think about that...waiting for food so that they could feed their children! A few days later, almost a million dollars left our community for the trip back to China. Boggles the mind!

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have released reams of information on how our government and others have been screwing each other in the name of diplomacy and the only reaction to these releases of information is to try to shut them down, one politician has gone so far as to say Mr. Assange should be treated as an "enemy combatant" and shot on sight. Yet, in the middle of a discussion on whether or not to reverse tax cuts on the wealthiest of Americans because of federal budget deficits, the sum of $274,725,200.00 a DAY of money borrowed from China is being thrown down the rathole of the Afghanistan War with nary a look back. Not a whole lot of common sense there in Washington, D.C.! If we demanded the truth from our government instead of blindly doing what we are told to do, like a bunch of sheep, maybe we could sort some of this mess out! Instead, we have lost all control over our own destiny and our minds have turned to mush watching such highbrow shows as "Dancing With The Stars" on tv.

At this time of year, when holidays are supposed to be shared by families, and good will is to be shared by all, the best we can do is wait for the axe to fall. Don't worry, it will fall...unless we quit thinking that the most expensive present to give is better than the one made by our own hands.
Cheap goods are no bargain when your earned wage is too small to feed and house your family.

Censorship of truth by our government is made easier when the citizens don't even think for themselves...we have become cheap commercials for the American Dream which, incidentally, hasn't lived up to its billing...it has become the American Nightmare. Living from paycheck to paycheck, until the time that even the paycheck is gone. Too late then!

What kind of country have we become? Is there any hope? Not until we wake up and look reality in the face and hold our government officials accountable for their rotten choices. It is our choice...war versus peace...greed versus sharing the wealth...a healthy economy in China versus a healthy economy in the United States of America. It's up to us now, are we sheep or citizens?