Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thoughts On Censorship, Citizenship And Truth

We American citizens are a weird lot. Daily, plentiful truths about how our government deceives us, betrays us and downright lies to us are out there for us to ponder on, but instead, we just keep on being the faithful sheep waiting for our own slaughter. Are we Democrats or Republicans? Big questions like this seem to confuse the hell out of us!

In the middle of the worst economic times since the Depression, our local big-box store sold about $980,000.00 worth of foreign made goods to local folks on the day after Thanksgiving. What were we thankful for the most? That our country no longer even competes in factory jobs that make tangible goods, or that Wall Street is now even more flush with cash than ever thanks to the taxpayer bailout? A couple of days before Thanksgiving Day, I drove past the local food bank and saw long lines of local people waiting for a food distribution, think about that...waiting for food so that they could feed their children! A few days later, almost a million dollars left our community for the trip back to China. Boggles the mind!

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have released reams of information on how our government and others have been screwing each other in the name of diplomacy and the only reaction to these releases of information is to try to shut them down, one politician has gone so far as to say Mr. Assange should be treated as an "enemy combatant" and shot on sight. Yet, in the middle of a discussion on whether or not to reverse tax cuts on the wealthiest of Americans because of federal budget deficits, the sum of $274,725,200.00 a DAY of money borrowed from China is being thrown down the rathole of the Afghanistan War with nary a look back. Not a whole lot of common sense there in Washington, D.C.! If we demanded the truth from our government instead of blindly doing what we are told to do, like a bunch of sheep, maybe we could sort some of this mess out! Instead, we have lost all control over our own destiny and our minds have turned to mush watching such highbrow shows as "Dancing With The Stars" on tv.

At this time of year, when holidays are supposed to be shared by families, and good will is to be shared by all, the best we can do is wait for the axe to fall. Don't worry, it will fall...unless we quit thinking that the most expensive present to give is better than the one made by our own hands.
Cheap goods are no bargain when your earned wage is too small to feed and house your family.

Censorship of truth by our government is made easier when the citizens don't even think for themselves...we have become cheap commercials for the American Dream which, incidentally, hasn't lived up to its has become the American Nightmare. Living from paycheck to paycheck, until the time that even the paycheck is gone. Too late then!

What kind of country have we become? Is there any hope? Not until we wake up and look reality in the face and hold our government officials accountable for their rotten choices. It is our choice...war versus peace...greed versus sharing the wealth...a healthy economy in China versus a healthy economy in the United States of America. It's up to us now, are we sheep or citizens?

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