Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Popular Revolt Even Possible In U.S.A.?

As I watch and read about the people's uprising against tyranny across the world, I am very impressed by the courage, bravery and knowledge shown by them. Instant videos appear on YouTube and Al Jazeera, beamed right from the front lines within moments of happening. Raw news abounds and something else, the music and poetry of revolution, each country seems to have similar words and sounds to reflect the human conditions on the ground. I am fascinated by it all, the music moves me even if I don't understand the words sung, one song in particular sung by the crowd in Benghazi, Libya upon victory over Gaddafi's thugs, runs through my mind like a meditation tape. I finally found a very good version on YouTube and listen to it whenever feelings of sadness for the oppressed overwhelms me. After it finishes, my mind and hope are refreshed! The people who sing this song are magicians, full of endless inspiration. It makes me wonder how they came to be so brave, their suffering has somehow made them better human beings than their oppressors. Lots of food for thought!

There was a cartoon in this morning's Daily Rocket-Miner which really put into words just how I have been feeling about our country and our problems when so many of the people seem so uninformed and uneducated about why we have these problems. In the cartoon, a younger guy tells his mom and her friend that a woman told him that babies are born with tails, and asks them if that is true. The two older women look at each other with dumbfounded looks and the mother's friend tells him this: You know, Jack, some people spend their lives drinking from the fountain of knowledge...but you pretty much just swish and spit, don't you? After laughing for a moment, I realized that this cartoon had hit the nail on the head! A large portion of our population in the United States (and Wyoming, in particular!) don't drink from the fountain of knowledge, they just swish and spit! They read very little, watch tv, and take all of what passes for news as gospel truth. We no longer take the time to resolve our daily problems, we just take whatever opinion is presented by our favorite pundit or newspaper columnist as our own, no heavy thought process needed! All of our thinking is done for us by others. It's no wonder that we find ourselves in a country where the rich and powerful have all the say and the poor have no voice at all. We need to take the time to investigate what's going on and see who exactly benefits by our being so poorly informed.

Only with an educated and well informed citizenry, can we even hope to make sure that each citizen has an even chance of making a decent life and earning a living. I'm not saying every one needs to be formally educated, just well informed. Read current events news, discuss things with your friends and family, just do something to make sure you know the truth of any matter. Only when we can make up our own minds and form our own opinions will we be truly able to show others that we are masters of our own destiny. Remember that old expression no pain, no gain? Well, it's going to take a lot of pain to get our country back on the right track, maybe even some protests and uprisings by our own citizens. We need to let our government know that we are not happy with corporations being in control, we are going to gain through self educating ourselves! Then, they can no longer control our lives, and we will be truly free.

Is popular revolt even possible in the United States of America? Only we can be the judge of that, we the people, standing together! People all over the world are doing it, why not us?

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