Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libya,Wisconsin,Wyoming, Japan:What A Week!

It seems at times like there is just so much happening, that an old woman really has to stretch to take it all in! Here in Wyoming, the gas drillers want to drill in the Upper Hoback area, they want to use 18,000 acres of land to drill 136 new wells, install 29 new miles of roads in the wilderness. Each new drilling pad would use 8 yo 10 acres each, they would also drill 5 industrial water wells. 3 wastewater treatment plants with impoundments and up to 4 man camps with 20 workers, all this is to take fifteen years of drilling.

This is what they want to do within a stone's throw of some of the most beautiful wilderness in the state. They have already turned Pinedale, Wyoming into one giant ozone dump, polluted groundwater and made residents and wild game animals sick. Also, nearby Pavillion, Wyoming, which is located in the center of the Wind River Indian Reservation, where residents were informed by the EPA last summer that their drinking water is no longer safe to drink or cook with can attest to what gas drilling does to a place. Of course, Encana Oil and Gas, which drilled 250 wells in the area, denies that they caused it, but will supply bottled water of the town out of the goodness of their heart. Yeah, right! I lived up in Lander, not to far from Pavillion, when I was in high school, and that area was one of the best places on the planet for clean water and air. Now, not so much.

Now to Wisconsin and Libya... what do they have in common? An out of control dictator, would be my answer! The Governor of Wisconsin must have taken lessons from Moammar Gaffafi on how to win friends and influence people. Taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees is just the start, I'm sure this megalomaniac is just getting warmed up I hope the people of Wisconsin are also taking lessons from the Libyan and Egyptian people...I just heard that a group of policemen in Madison went to a bank and closed all their accounts and withdrew $190,000 dollars from the bank. Hitting the rich in the purse, that's the only thing they understand! Best of wishes for all humans who stand up for their rights!

The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan shows just how powerful Mother Nature can be! Stunning video and pictures coming from Japan, thanks to all this wonderful technology. As I am posting this, the news reported that another aftershock of 7.9 hit Sendai, so it's not over yet. On top of that, one of the nuclear plants right on the coast is having major problems, with the area being evacuated in a 10 mile circle and they are handing out iodine tablets to protect against radiation. My good thoughts are with the people of Japan, I can only imagine how frightened they must be.

Both our planet and the people who live on it are in a state of change. My hope is that we will all emerge from this with courage and understanding. What a week it has been...and it's not over yet!

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