Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheney And Simpson Just Won't Go Away!

  Two of our former politicians, Dick Cheney and Alan Simpson are back in the news.  While reading Huffington Post, I read an article about former Vice-President Dick Cheney who is apparently contemplating whether or not to have a heart transplant.  He has had a pump type implant which moves blood through his body while not registering a heartbeat like normal people.  He is having a problem making up his mind. Either way, the first thought that came to my my mind was, what a waste of a good heart...swiftly followed by what a heartless bastard he is in the first place.  Then, as I pondered on it, I said to myself that if I were an organ donor and were to have my heart transplanted into Dick Cheney, pure and simple karma would dictate that the heart stop beating.  So, after all, my first thought was the correct one for me, what a waste of a good heart!

  Next, the old goat Simpson!  You know, he's the one that thinks that older folks who draw Social Security are a drag on the economy, calling it a "Ponzi" scheme.  He was appearing at a forum held on Social Security and gave the old one arm salute to the people from AARP who were also at the forum, calling them a business not a senior advocate group.  For those of you too young to know what a one arm salute is, it's the ancient version of flipping someone the finger implying that they should go fuck themselves.  A reporter/blogger from Huffington Post asked him some questions about Social Security which got l all torqued off and he ended up saying some really stupid stuff, as is his usual routine.  Within an hour of it being posted on HP, there were 2000 comments on the old croaker, most of which agreed that he should just fade away.  What a lovely thought, but alas, even though he will be 80 years old in September, he shows no sign of being smart enough to take the hint.  When President Obama appointed him to the fiscal deficit commission, I thought he made a mistake, but after seeing just how people got active when the old geezer ran his mouth, I started to think that maybe he did it on purpose.  When you have this ignorant, biased and militantly caustic, greedy guy spouting off about older working folks relying on the government, people pay attention and start to fight for their rights!  Pissed off people are very effective at standing up for themselves!  If President Obama planned it, it was a brilliant political move, and if he didn't, we still reap the benefits of the spectacle he creates so that is good.

So, it is what it is...just makes me wonder why our lovely state of Wyoming has to be known for having these two as citizens!  All states have their own share of goofy folks, but these two are just downright mean spirited.    It's as though they hate for anyone other than them to have anything good.  I think that's one of the symptoms of being a narcissist, but I'm no therapist, just a woman who believes that all people have to right to live decent lives.  Anyhow, I sure hope that they fade away soon and quite using the common oxygen on the planet.  I'm sure there's a couple of people somewhere who are more deserving than they to benefit from breathing.

  Does that make me sound mean?  Good, I meant it that way!

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