Monday, May 30, 2011

Israel, Palestine, President Obama and American Policy

When Republican Eric Cantor invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress I was appalled!  Before you decide that I'm anti-semitic, let me state emphatically, I hate no one based on their color, religion, sex, national origin, political beliefs or physical stature.  Rather, I happen to be a rather soft hearted individual, prone to stick up for the underdog against the oppressor.  I dislike Netanyahu, not because he is an Israeli, but because he is a bully!  He isn't the first of his religion to oppress the Palestinians, and he probably won't be the last.  He has, however, brought this oppression to a new high, insisting that the Israelis are being persecuted by the Palestinians.  The Palestinians throw rocks and hand-made rockets, the Israelis use tanks and bombs and rubber bullets and REAL bullets, keeping supplies like food and medicine from reaching Palestine.  That Cantor invited him is a slap in the face of our President Obama and also every citizen of the U.S. who believe that both Palestine and Israel have the right to self government and self determination.

I also believe that the time has come for America to cut off any and all military aid to Israel.  The fact that my tax money is being used for the brutalization of the Palestinians is untenable!  In my opinion, the United States has made some very big mistakes in foreign policy, our unprovoked attack and destructive war on Iraq and its citizens comes to mind.  Unfortunately, I could fill this page and many others on American overreach and domination in the world, but I will try to concentrate just on the Israeli/Palestinian matter.  How do you defend a policy that discriminates against one group of people at the bargaining table while offering help to the ones who are occupying them?   This is not a practical way to forge peace, it only further deepens the divide between those two peoples.  The fact that one of President Obama's advisors, Dennis Ross, is also the co-founder of AIPAC, a lobbying group for Israel, seems more than just a little bit of a conflict of interest!  Why he was chosen to be an advisor is a mystery to me, but I feel like President Obama has been getting the wrong advice.

I do know, that when I saw the members of Congress applauding Netanyahu's speech, it made me wonder if I was Alice in Wonderland and had passed through the looking glass!  Our own country is in dire need of so many things, infrastructure repair, to name one, and we send money to Israel to oppress and kill Palestinians.  Our politicians want to cut any program that helps ANY citizen in America, only to fund Israel and it's demands.  It is way past time to ask our politicians exactly who they work for.  Is Eric Cantor an American or an Israeli?  Does President Obama think that the children of the Palestinians are any less precious than those of the Israelis?  Do the children of Americans even have a say in all of this?  Is this still the United States of America?  If so, I think that we must demand that some common sense enter our foreign policy debate!

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