Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama bin Laden Gone, Time For Troops To Return Home

May 1, 2011, Osama bin Laden is shot in the head and later buried at sea.  Navy Seals did what they are trained to do and did it well!  The country where he was born would not accept the remains of his mortal body, hence the burial in the Arabian Sea.  It seems ironic to me, that the country which enabled him to be trained as a jihadist during the Russian attempt at invading Afghanistan, was the same one that delivered that final bullet to the head.  I do hope that the families of those killed in the World Trade Center can now find some peace of mind now that this evil voice has been stilled.  There is much evil in this world...I hope that the remaining evil will also be brought to an end.

Now that the main reason for our occupation of Afghanistan is dead and gone, it would seem that this is a perfect time to declare an end to the occupation and bring the troops home.  If the government has another reason for being there, then they should be honest about it and declare what that reason is.  We have wasted many young lives of our military and destroyed so much for the people of Afghanistan who deserve to be left alone to decide what they want.  I do not want to forget that so many innocent Afghanis, who never had anything to do with bringing down the Towers, were killed just for being a citizen of their home country, much like those that died that September day in the World Trade Center.  All innocent victims, regardless of the country of their birth.  My hope is that some time before I leave this mortal world, humanity will find some better way of dealing with each other than by wanton and random murder.  If history holds any lessons, now would seem to be the time to learn them!

I have always been a dreamer, one of those people who feels the pain of others and not only tries to understand it, but also tries to make the hurt go away.  My dream is for a peaceful world, where children of any country can play and learn together...where their parents can do the same, in tolerance and understanding of one another, not in war and destruction.  I hope I live long enough to see that!  Peace would be such a beautiful way for our world to come together in the brother and sisterhood of all human beings to live together.

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