Sunday, August 7, 2011

Politics And Civility, A Lost Cause?

Some days I feel like Alice in Wonderland!  I have been a political junkie since I was a young girl, but I can't remember one single instance where it has been as totally insane as today.  Back during the Clinton administration  politics got pretty ugly, but nowhere near as ugly as they have been since Barack Hussein Obama was elected!  I voted for President Obama and hoped that finally with a mixed race person being elected the president of these United States it meant that prejudice and bigotry were on the downgrade.  Was I ever mistaken!  The Republicans who dogged President Clinton during his term have been joined by an even more vile and repulsive bunch, they call themselves the Tea Party.  Even though they pretend to be a grassroots organization, it has become common knowledge that their funding comes from Koch Industries owners, the Koch brothers.  They have a really ordinary face, on the surface they seem to be everyday folks, but it soon becomes apparent that they have been mislead by the Koch Brothers into forgoing their own personal interests in favor of a corporate takeover.  A recent poll after the debt ceiling debacle showed that their membership is falling rapidly, they appear to be wising up to the fact that they have been manipulated by the Koch brothers' unholy alliance.

Watching the Tea Party and Republican politicians during the debt ceiling brouhaha was like Chinese water torture, each day whittling away at the fabric of our society, until it appeared that collapse was imminent.  They took the nation to the brink because it had dared to elect a president who was not totally white, half black instead, what a threat to their lily white bigotry.  President Obama was the only mentally stable participant in the bunch.  This president who was elected by a majority of the voting public was disrespected daily in mentally deranged rants by a group of politicians who were elected by a tiny percent of the voting public.  What a spectacle they were trying to frighten folks with the specter of a default of our countries debt.

Remember what I said about being a political junkie?  It was wonderful to see our President unbowed by these creepy fools!  He played them like a fiddle, showing their bigotry and avarice to the rest of the public for what they were.  Soon, the public shook itself out of a deep sleep to roar to life and demand from their elected officials that an agreement be reached.  I don't believe that regular folks will let themselves be fooled again so easily!  I visited the office of one of Wyoming's Senators, John Barrasso, as well as called the other one and also the Wyoming Representative Cynthia Lummis to voice my dismay at the incivility and lack of compromise shown by their party.   As a result of my speaking out as well as many, many other citizens who did the same,  all 3 of Wyoming's elected officials voted yes on the budget agreement.  I know that much of their mouthing of Tea Party slogans and corporate talking points was in the spirit of kabuki theater politics, but in the end they did the right thing.

Now, we need to keep the pressure on our elected officials, one and all, to do their jobs and help President Obama instead of obstructing him.  Millions of Americans need jobs...this should be their number one priority!  Priority number two, end both wars and cut our defense spending by massive amounts.  Enough bickering and bigotry, work together for the betterment of the American people!