Thursday, October 6, 2011


In my post on  Wall Street and the 99% I wrongly typed 10% in the line that says...The top 1% are taking in more of the nations income than at any time since the 1920s.  The 1%figure is the correct one!  Sorry!

The 99% And Occupying Wall Street

It has been a long, hot summer, and now the autumn season is beginning to heat up as well!  On September 17, 2011, a small group of citizens began a protest/occupation of a small park near Wall Street.  It was originally called Liberty Park, but since a wealthy benefactor donated to some renovations of the park, it was renamed Zuccotti Park after the donor.  These citizens have joined together in their anger over the inequality of wealth in America, and are protesting the unfair advantage the corporations and bankers of Wall Street, who  feed off the middle and lower class working folks, have over the political arena in our country.  And with good reason, I might say!

At this point, the top 10% are taking in more of the nation's income than at any time since the 1920s! Watching the videos of the Wall Street bankers looking down their noses at the occupiers while sipping champagne with sneers that only those who feel entitled can muster, were enough to make me cheer for the occupiers!  They have a lot of courage to be able to stand up and be counted in their defense of the working class!

Of course, the main stream media ignored them for quite a while until the crowds of protesters began to grow, and, as is the nature of our bought and paid for media, painted them in an unflattering light.  You know the drill, unwashed hippies, (now, there's a term you haven't heard in a while!) kids whose parents spoil them, unemployable trash, etc.  Except, since there are cameras on every single cell phone now, pictures began to emerge of gray heads, people in suite, construction workers, nurses, teachers, a total mix of people from all walks of life, united in their anger at how bad our economy has become.  Not by chance, but by design of the top 1%, the wealthy few who own us all!  Yesterday there were over 20,000 people marching in New York City, and other "occupy" protests have sprung up in cities all over the United States.  It is growing quickly, as ordinary people realize that we've been had!

In Egypt they had the Arab Spring...perhaps now that our own populace is finally awakening to the reality that the top 1% own 42% of the wealth in our country  while the bottom 80% own only 7% of the wealth, we will shake off our complacency and fight to even up the odds!  It's been a long time coming, and it's my hope that every citizen will join the fight and see a return to some economic equality in America.  The rich call it a class war, one which they have been winning for years.  The other 99% of us are either going to have it more equitable, or die trying.  Just a note, we outnumber them immensely, let's get together and win this fight!