Monday, December 12, 2011

Google+ And Me

I am trying something new!  Signed up for Google + and am liking it so soon as I can wrap my aged head around some of the new technological ways to do things, that is.  If it works like I think it will, then I can post my thoughts to it without any problem.  If not, then I will keep trying until I get it figured out!

Since I have only had my computer for a little over a year, and since I was completely computer illiterate before that, don't be surprised if this old woman makes some goofy mistakes!  Just remember, we were all born naked and uneducated, so please cut me some slack.  I had my 68th birthday not too long ago so it's not that my mind is not clear, just takes a bit longer for new stuff to be inserted into the middle of all that old stuff already ensconced in my brain.

Since my last post, the OWS movement has undergone many changes, along with my learning lots of new information on our country's political craziness...being a political junkie can keep me very busy.  Thanks to the militarization of our police forces across America, their aggression has kept the Occupy Wall  Street protesters in the foreground of my mind.  And, I might add, I'm not alone in that, the public seems to be finally getting the message they are fighting so hard to get out!  So, for those of you about to give up on the whole mess, hang in there,don't give up yet, keep on fighting!

It has taken over 30 years for the corporations and their bought paid for political hacks to bring America to her knees, but the tide is changing.  I will continue to insert my 2 cents worth in an effort to help reawaken those who still slumber, some days louder than others, even though my own optimistic self gets a little discouraged occasionally.  Even if no one ever agrees with me, at least it might make them think about the current scene and possibly even encourage them to do their bit to changing the outlook.  At least, that is my fervent hope!