Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ruminations About The SOTU Address

As I watched the State of the Union address last evening, it quickly became evident to me that there were a lot of things about it which would require more than just a few minutes thoughtful examination.  The tone was quite good, as were the points made about our domestic agenda.  The other tone, while speaking about our militaristic endeavors was almost nerve wracking, at least to me, so I may have to re-read it a few more times to jell the whole speech properly!

That being said, I was impressed that President Obama was bringing the game to the right-wing regressives, rather than waiting for them to attack first.  Mostly it was good, but stewing over it for a bit will be required for my own peace of mind!  As soon as this old cow chews the cud and ruminates, I will post my further thoughts. Until then, don't take anything at face value until you thoroughly investigate it for yourself!

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