Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where Have The Months Gone?

I decided to checkout my blog today and found that I've posted absolutely nothing since January of this year!   My last post was after the State of the Union address by President Obama, then nothing!  What's been going on?  Our national political scene has gone to hell in a hand basket, the Republicans are fighting against any and all things that might possibly help the working class and the Democrats are asleep at the wheel...par for the course!

There is some good news on the home front, however, I have been doing a lot of posting over on Google+ and doing my damnedest to get folks to pay attention to just how badly we are being screwed by both political parties and their corporate sponsors!  All of them have never been handed a dollar that they didn't immediately pocket to the detriment of what we laughingly call, We, the people!  Sure there's a bright spot now and then, Senator Bernie Sanders, for instance, still appears to be an honest man, something unheard of in the American political scene, but for the most part it appears that every other politician is busily attracting the attention of their corporate donors and then repeatedly kissing their behinds!  Millions of Americans are jobless, homeless and without prospect of ever getting ahead in life.  Does this bother our Washington, D.C. denizens?  Not one little bit, the only jobs they care about are their own!

Surprisingly, most of the citizens STILL don't even seem mad enough to do anything about it...have we lost our sense of courage along with our dignity?  Occupy Wall Street has done many good things to help folks get informed about what should be done by our politicians, but the inaction of the masses is deafening!  My guess is that people have become so forlorn about their country and their living and working prospects, that they have virtually given up...or just maybe, they realize that those who are elected to represent them, have instead abandoned their needs in pursuit of their own.  Whatever the cause of this complacency is, nothing will ever change until every single person is out in the streets shouting "ENOUGH"!

I can understand the fear of police in riot gear (by the hundreds) whenever a protest takes place, but at some point we need to forget that fear and force the powers that be to pay attention to our demands or die trying! I made  a comment to a dear friend of mine yesterday that says it for me...I'd rather be shot to death than die by starvation!  Those who have nothing, have nothing to lose!