Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meandering In My Mind

So many things running through my mind many things and so little mind!  Have you ever become so tired of hearing what passes for news these days, that you seem to lose the ability to give a shit anymore? That's me today,  cynically looking at each article I read and wondering why I bother to share them with others...does anyone else feel the same ennui, or do I occasionally reach someone who cares?  It certainly isn't done for the +'s, even though I must admit that when I get them, it does make me feel like it's least to a few people!

I basically think that some days are just more overwhelming than others, today, for example, my sensitivity to planetary changes is causing me to feel weak.  Weakness is not a feeling I embrace, instead, I prefer to act tough even beyond my current strength.  I read on the weather channel that an earthquake in China had killed and injured many...I told the old man this morning that the earth was in spasm somewhere, I could feel it in my bones, that twisting, tight, uncomfortable sense that all was not right.  I wonder if the the people in China can feel my sympathy the same way that my empathetic body can feel their suffering?  I hope so, because at times like these everyone needs someone to care!

Not just the earthquake in China, but horrible things happening all across the world, the suffering, some people creating even more havoc than normal, a fetish with guns, rich watching poor die without concern, governments taken over by unprincipled corporations, politicians who are there only to benefit themselves...makes me feel so weak!  Would I could morph into a knight in shining armor and save them all, but alas, I am just one old woman, with just my words and my sympathy...noble weapons I have none, but only words to fight this battle.

So, even feeling weak, I push myself to express my sorrow and my wishes that the world would do better by its people, in posts that some read and plus...all the time knowing that those who need to read and digest them the most never will.  No matter, if even one person takes heed, my job is done!  Never give up, even when you are feeling weak!


Chris Plumb said...

I completely understand. And even as an educator, who should constantly be in the "know" about world events, I just get tired of reading them.

I preach family, friends and love, and hope the world around me gets better.

Frank Quinones said...

Just found your post and I can't agree more. I think your reaching people and it matters. Keep up the good work. I feel so many people are bought these days. So sad for the hardships in the world. Thank you for all you do.

Janel Draganjac said...

I definetely agree with Everything u've said already & ur personality shines thru ur words! I would love to follow U because u got my attention right off the bat, when U described urself:-) Kinda sounded like me:-) Have a great day!