Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mediocrity Doesn't Cut The Mustard Anymore!

Let me pose a hypothetical question to you.  There's a terrific bakery in your home town that makes the best bread ever...crisp crust, delicious down to the last crumb!  After a few months, each time you purchase a loaf, it continually loses a little bit of its original quality, then each loaf has traces of mold or bits of foreign material embedded in it.  Do you keep going back to buy a loaf every time you need bread, or do you find a new bakery?  That's what I thought, a new bakery it is!

Then, why is it, in our political life as voting citizens, we keep voting for the same old ideas, the same old faces, the same tired party lines, even when we know they are not working?  We have known for some time now, that what our politicians say on the campaign trail and what they do once elected are entirely two different things!  We also have known for quite some time now, that they are beholden to their corporate campaign contributors and frankly, don't give a shit what you need once they are elected!  Lesson matter whether they say they are a Democrat or a Republican, they are solely interested in your vote, not in doing anything practical that will make your daily life easier!  Their campaign motto should be, vote for me, I need your vote, but do NOT expect me to perform my duty!

Watching them for the many years that I have been able to vote has not been an easy task!  The philosophies of both political parties have gotten so far from their original intent, they are no longer even recognizable!  I knew, in my political heart of hearts, that the election on November 4, 2014, would come out exactly the way it did!  Money corrupts not just believers in a republic, but also believers in democracy and turn their original beliefs to so much dust!  This piece is not directed at any one person, nor any one elected official, but rather at the two party system (?) we now have in place.  Partisanship has turned into a fine art of fund raising and actual truth has taken a back seat to the almighty dollar!  We vote for the lesser of two evils, instead of rooting out that evil and replacing it with something that might work better.  I personally think that all future ballots should have a space for marking: None of the above!  Couldn't be any worse than voting for liars and thieves!

So what's a citizen to do?  Start at the local level, learn everything you can about any candidate, hell, run yourself if you are up to the challenge, but don't give your vote to someone just because of the letter in parentheses behind their name!  Do this same process at the state and federal level...check out each statement made by them and then, if you are convinced of their integrity, do your best to promote them and encourage others to do the same.  Our current political situation was way too many years in the making to change overnight, so it looks like we are in this mess for a while, but if each of us are the citizens we proclaim to be, then eventually we will get the money out of the equation and be able to take pride in our nation again!

My own personal life is littered with several ex-husbands who didn't meet my personal expectations, so having my political life littered with greedy, lying politicians who I voted for in the past doesn't bother me at all!  We live and learn from our mistakes, but for the sake of all that is holy, don't keep making the same mistake over and over, and over and expect a different outcome!  Now, get to cracking and get rid of all the moldy bread and corrupt politicians we can, one election at a time!

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Few Thoughts On Independence On This July Fourth

In almost every town, village, city, county, state and of course, the United States of America, there will be fireworks and many other displays of patriotism and love of country expressed.  Our independence from the British Empire, which was the entity which occupied this land and slaughtered the original occupants to steal their land, has a spotty history.  Which, I believe, is why this country, born out of violence against others, has finally come to be known as the epitome of violence world-wide!  We declared our independence, but at the same time, foisted the very same violence on peoples and countries all over the world....that is our legacy.  The importation of African slaves to do the dirty work of the original foreign occupiers continued the brutal violence with which our country was born.

We have muddled through more than two centuries, suffering growing pains and subjugating those who, being born naked, never got to progress much beyond a few rags to cover their nakedness.  From the day of the Declaration of Independence, it was meant to be a land which belonged to the upper class and was built by the labor of the underclass.  What a legacy, which being replayed multiple times in our history, brings us to the present day....not a very pleasing sight!

In our current days, the upper class still owns almost everything, but the lower classes are no longer necessary for the upper class to maintain their status, so there has been a concerted effort to starve them out and send their jobs to countries where even less advantaged people do the dirty work for the upper class. This is what they call globalization...which can be defined as greed gone wild, exploiting the poor populace to benefit the flourishing lifestyle of, you guessed it, the upper class.

Can this be remedied?  I believe it can, and lately, reading about how folks have formed cooperatives to grow organic vegetables, build windows, build bicycles, and many other forms or cooperative living are proving that the status quo does not have to be!  More and more, people have decided that they no longer want to be pawns of the upper class and they are breaking the bonds that have kept them enslaved.  My personal opinion is that the time has finally come for independence from the upper class (which includes our vaunted political class who have corruption coming out of their ears along with their campaign contributions!) and from this day forward, the lower class will figure out how to live life for themselves and keep their own rewards for labor well done!

Like all the problems which face us as humans today, it will not come easy or quickly, but come it will!  When humans unite and cooperate with each other there is no limit to what can be achieved!  We just need to prove to ourselves that we can be independent of our chains and think for ourselves!  Yeah, I am a bit of a Pollyanna, but I have a lot of faith in my fellow human beings and have seen how much love we have for one another when we struggle together.  So let's tell the big banks, Wall Street, corrupt politicians, and (feel free to insert any number of oppressors here!) declare our total independence of controlling mechanisms...we have each other!  With a lot of love and hard work we can be truly say this is our Independence Day!