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How I Reached the Age I Am Now!

   For the past few weeks, since the last missive I posted, I have been immersed in introspection as to how to break out of this depressed state I am in and go forward.  Each time I have tried to write something new, it just doesn't happen!  I'm quite sure that a lot of it is coming from the personal emotional upheaval which occurred very early in the new year, but I also feel that the extermination of G+ by Google stunned me into entering a state of malaise that became overwhelming!  I can finally make a few comments on other social platforms, and even post political and interesting (to me!) stuff to Twitter, but until I can bring myself to actually write about my own personal feelings and explain the how and why of my own journey through life, my growth as a person will remain stunted, so with that thought, this is my plan.

  For the moment, the old man and I are working very hard to reestablish trust in each other, forgiving is relatively easy, but forgetting words said is m…
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Finally, A Presidential Candidate My Conscience Will Let Me Vote For!

Yeah, I know, this blog is going to be used for trying to promote good things in our society beyond politics!  However, even though this woman most likely hasn't  chance in hell of being elected, just having a real human being out there supporting we, the people in her ideas and ideals could open a lot of new avenues for conversations about making our society mean something good!  So, here goes!

   I was reading this article from Robert Koehler of PeaceVoice over on LA Progressive, so after reading, went to her website as recommended and read her thoughts.  Here is a link to the Robert Koehler article:

   With both political parties corruption at an all time high, and with absolutely no intention being displayed by any of them to even bother to listen to what we, the people want, this could be a worthy pursuit!  Yes, I do know Bernie is running, and I wish him all the luck in the world, but my memory of 2016 is s…

Sunday Was Just NOT Happening!

I have been looking for good quality material for posting about good ways to improve both the world around us and our own lives as well!  The good news is that I have found some likely prospects and started a list with priorities at the top.  The bad news is that due to life in general, I just am NOT ready to put myself on a weekly schedule yet!  The month of March, especially, has been filled with obligations that needed to be done and my basic aversion to any kind of stress has been set alight by the constantly changing weather patterns, the stupid change in time to "Daylight Saving Time" has me half nuts (the other half was always nuts!) and to top it all off, the last week of the existence of Google+ makes me feel like I have been pissing into the wind for way too long! 

I'm so thankful for the many wonderful people I have made friends with on G+ and have a big stack of contacts to get listed so I can keep seeing their faces and names to keep me from the darkness of …

A Day Late and More Than a Dollar Short!

I missed posting my weekly Sunday commentary because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep and didn't wake up until way late!  It ended up being a blessing in disguise!  Let me tell you why!

First of all I have been reading volumes of political stuff for as long as I can remember so that I could post it in the public interest on Google+.  I hoped, (somewhat naively!) that if more people got a taste of what politics on the grand scale was all about, they might be more interested in turning the whole ungodly mess we are all living through around!  There's that naivete I was talking about!  Instead of the grand awakening, it appears to me now that just the opposite is occurring in our world today!  The stupid became rampant, all common sense seems to be missing in action, and the unwashed hordes are so busy trying to eke out a living in an economy which offers only a pittance for an hourly wage!  They are busy trying to survive, no one has the time to read an article about poli…

Finding The Truth In A Forest Of Propaganda

This week, I would like to start off with five of the web addresses of some of the sources I use in searching for the honest story about any current happening, and also a lot of information about the past!  There are multiple other ones, but this is a good place to start if you are just getting interested in finding information that isn't controlled by the corporate media!






I'm sure you noticed already that most of these are for organizations, and if you read any of their content, you will also be able to pick up additional links which could be useful.  Also, by no means just take my word for it, make sure you check all sources and use your powers of rational thinking to weed out what doesn't ring true!  I know I love Paul Craig Roberts, but he has a few personal beliefs which are not the same as mi…

Philosophy Lessons From Charlie Brown and Michael Scott!

When I was drinking my morning coffee and looking at my astrology book for what was going on with the planets today, I happened upon a quote that knocked my socks off!  Here it is: Charlie Brown;  "We all need help with our homework.  We're all pleading for someone to listen.  We're all desperate".  Then on the page for today, this one from Michael Scott, from The Office:  "Society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong.  Well, that's baloney, because grief isn't wrong.  There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown".

Personally, I have been going through a really rough patch in my life, my older brother died in July of last year after a many years long diagnosis with Alzheimer's and it still hurts to think of his being gone, although the actual loss of his sweet personality happened many years earlier!  I have been planning on writing my own personal testimonial to my brother, but have felt the pain too m…

My New Home Address Online!

Well, as you all know, Google+ is throwing all of us to the wolves pretty soon, so decision making had to be done!

For myself, since I recently turned 75 years old, my decision was to change to posting a weekly blog on Sunday, starting in February of 2019!  I will be going through several timely articles, posting those same links in the post and doing my own analysis and commentary on what I think about what the articles state and why I think that they are important sources for thinking about our political life in these times!  I know, not everyone has the exact opinions or outtake from articles, so what I post will be entirely on me, for good or bad!  As always, anyone will be able to comment and I will read all comments and answer whatever questions I am able to! 

The craziness of our current culture, if you can still call it a culture, has made anger the top note in most every thing I read on Google+ and elsewhere, so I refuse to just post about Trump or the crappy Democrats, or th…