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For English press one; para Espanol marque dos

On September 15, 2015 there was a letter to the editor of the Daily Rocket-Miner, in Rock Springs, Wyoming, which truly spoke to the bigotry which has been blatant in the current political scene.  The author, Jose Valdez, went to extraordinary lengths to explain his take on his ethnicity, with such heart felt candor, it compelled me to see if a wider audience could be able to read it.  I posted it to Google+, but readers who were not subscribers were unable to access it.  Through the editor, I was able to get in contact with the author and was granted permission to put it into my blog in total so a wider audience could be reached.

Just so you know, when he speaks of Chente, he is referencing the most popular singer in Mexico today, Vicente "Chente" Fernandez Gomez, who has a voice that would melt the heart of even the staunchest Republican (I hope!) and if you get a chance, google him and listen to some of his melodious renditions, such heart!  So, without further ado, here is the letter:

For English press one; para Espanol marque dos
To: Editor
From: Jose Valdez, Rock Springs

Escribo lo que se ha dicho para aquellos que arriesgar todo; arriesgan sus vidas para hacer un sue-oen realidad.  Escribo para los que escuchan a Chente, llorando por sus seres queridos, dejado atras.  Hablo para los que han sufrido en silencio, para que los que siguen despues, no tengan que sufrir en vena.

I would like to believe that I am sorry for speaking/writing in Spanish.  However, I am not.  I will translate and explain myself a bit more.  That is, if you have not stopped reading this altogether because of the first paragraph....I write what has been said for those risking their all; risking their lives to turn a dream into reality.  I write for those listening to Chente, and crying for their loved ones, they have left behind.  I speak up for those who have suffered in silence so that those who follow do not have to suffer in vain.

Google defines anchor baby as: a child born to a noncitizen mother in a country which has birthright citizenship.  Especially when viewed as providing an advantage to family members seeking to secure citizenship or legal residency.  This statement has been thrown around harshly in these recent Presidential debates, and televised interviews.

As: unpolitical, incorrect, disrespectful, and racist as it sounds.  It has forced me to look within myself.  To answer all those who have asked, why do what I do?  In specific, why I throw my 2 cents on issues that don't pertain to me, yet they do.  Day after night, it feels as if I carry the atomic mass of two nations I love upon my back.  I love the country I live in (nature), yet, I also love where I came from (nurture).

For those who took the time to read past the first paragraph.  Is this really what we want to teach our youth; judge others because of how they look, where they came from?  That treating others as we would want to be treated solely depends on how wealthy or famous we are?  Or, show younger generations that history must not, and will not repeat itself?

I do not have to imagine how "anchor babies" must feel, or if the word is offensive.  It is only a small fraction of why I do what I do.  Why I waste time, whether it be with poetry, or these articles?  Because it is the only way I know how to let go of the quantitative protons and neutrons carried on a daily basis.  Accumulating with attempts to consume my all, choke out the love I have for both nature and nurture.

The U.S. is what it is, especially this city of 56 different nationalities, because of the influx of all different type of immigrants.  Those who scream "anchor babies" with hate must realize that we are all anchor babies in one form or another.  The only difference is that their ancestors just happen to be the founding fathers, the anchor babies of fathers who crossed bodies of water to arrive upon these lands.

I cannot change minds with argumental words amongst heated discussions and harsh tones.  However, words can have everlasting imprints, and provoke subconscious self-evaluations.


I placed the first paragraph in translate before reading forward. Well written, honest and pure. The pen is mightier than the sword and does out last it. Keep writing for those...E. Walker
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